J. Beverly Hills, Our Product Line

Available to purchase at our Student Salon

Core Line (blue products)

The Core line collection includes a botanically infused range of shampoos. conditioners, treatments, and styling products for all types of hair.

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Platinum (black products)

The Platinum line is optimum treatment system for damaged hair; restructuring, restoring, and healing with botanically infused ingredients.

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The Mens Collection is a range of products specially defined and formulated with botanically infused ingredients for all of mens hair needs.

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94 intermixable shades infused with argan oil, black pearl powder, acai berry and aloe vera. This single line concept features demi, semi and permanent colour options therefore allowing translucent, opaque or matte all from the same tube.

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Fashion Colour

Botanically infused direct dyes, formulated with a blend of botanical extracts including 8 shades that can stand alone or be intermixed to create an array of endless color combinations! 8 intermixable shades, unlimited possibilities.

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Smooth Realignment System

The Smooth Realignment system is a revolutionary breakthrough in hair straightening technology that railings the structure of the hair giving smoother, straighter results without the need for harmful and damaging ingredients. One treatment lasts up to three months.

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